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MEASURING the size of the Couple Promise Rings Set

This is how to do it correctly

Methods to measure the size of rings: techniques, tips and techniques

It isn't important if it's your engagement or wedding ring, the feeling you feel when wearing it is definitely right! A ring that is too tight will restrict the fingers. If the ring circumference is too large, it could easily slip off the finger. It is therefore essential that the ring is the right size. What are the most effective methods to measure ring sizes? And which of them are the most reliable?

We'll teach you how to measure your ring yourself with the most effective tips and tricks. We'll also provide an overview of the best tools and an easy to read ring size table.

Overview of the various options for measuring the sizes of rings

Tip: If you want to secretly find out your partner's ring sizes and preferences, for instance, when choosing an engagement band, the ring template is an excellent tool. Find out how to use a ring to determine the ring circumference in the "Methods" section below.

Avoid these mistakes while taking measurements for ring sizes

When determining the proper size of ring, keep in mind that the circumference of your finger can change over the course of the day and in different temperatures. When it's cold in the morning, your fingers are thinner. They expand when temperatures are hot. In addition fingers of the left and right hand have different circumferences. Weight fluctuations and pregnancy are also factors that may influence the circumference.

To take these variations to account for these fluctuations, it is ideal to take measurements in different conditions - i.e. At different times of day and at different temperatures. It is best to take the measurements shortly after purchasing the ring.

As for the correct place on your finger where you should take measurements, the following rules apply Most rings are pushed over the middle joint (the second joint). Measure between the second joint and the third. However, if it is a thumb ring you should measure the joint of the thumb and the base of the thumb.

In sum for you to determine the perfect size of a ring, it's best to measure several times. Take measurements in the morning, at noon and in the evening, in cooler and warmer environments and on different days. Add all measurements and divide by the total number of measurements to calculate the average circumference of the ring.

Methods to determine the proper ring size

The best method to determine the size of rings is to measure it on the hand who will be wearing the ring. You can also test the size of a ring with one that already fits. This method does not consider temperature or time variations. The measurement isn't quite as accurate. There are also differences in accuracy with regard to the tools available to you. For instance a professional ring sizer or a ring template provides more precise values than, for instance, a piece of string, which is often recommended as a measuring aid. Below you will get an in-depth description of the most widely used methods for measuring the ring size.Measuring the size of the ring with the rings template

A variety of ring size templates are available online and through jewelers. There are two primary variations.

In the first variant it is to compare the ring with the different sizes of the template. Put the ring on top of the dimensions, and then examine the size that matches the ring. For the second option, you use a template using the ring sizes punched out or with a variety of samples of rings punched. This gives you the chance to try your hand through the cutouts and determine the size that is most suitable for you. We also provide a practical ringsizing template at a fair cost.


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